Christopher Nolan Chooses Universal Pictures For His Next Film

Universal Pictures has been selected by Christopher Nolan to produce his next film, ending his nearly 2 decade partnership with Warner Bros.

Nolan’s next film will be the story of theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, often referred to as the “Father of the Atomic Bomb”. While not confirmed, it is rumored that Cillian Murphy is in talks for a key role in the film.

The film was being reportedly shopped around for the past couple days, with Sony and MGM also reportedly being interested in the project before Universal picked it up. Warner Bros. is usually the company that does Nolans films, having produced and distributed The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, Interstellar, Dunkirk and most recently, Tenet. However, the handling of the release of Tenet during the pandemic, as well as Warner Bros. putting there entire 2021 slate to day-and-date release on its HBO Max streaming service, Nolan ended there partnership.


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Robert Hamer
1 year ago

I am *really* hoping this becomes a solid, reasonably-budgeted “middle-shelf” movie. We need more of those and fewer gigantic spectacles that need to gross half a billion dollars just to break even.

And Cillian Murphy is terrific casting.

Joey Magidson
1 year ago
Reply to  Robert Hamer




Written by Adriano Caporusso

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