Interview: Nick Mohammed on the Runaway Success of ‘Ted Lasso’ and His First Emmy Nomination

It’s hard to find a character not to like on Ted Lasso. Sure, Ted himself is probably the nicest one of them all, but he’s got serious competition from kit-man-turned-coach Nate Shelley. It turns out actor Nick Mohammed is a whole lot like his character, incredibly genuine and just so appreciative of the circumstances in which he’s found himself. He also gets a superb showcase in today’s new episode.

In our conversation with Mohammed, who is up for his first Emmy Award in the same category as three of his costars, he shared how he feels about being recognized along with his cast:

“It honestly feels wonderful. I genuinely can’t believe it. I think we’re all a bit gobsmacked… We’ve got a WhatsApp group and it just blew up. It was just ridiculous and we were all having to pinch ourselves, I can’t believe it. I’m just really excited. It would be so nice, if the Emmys happen in-person, to celebrate with everyone.”

When asked if he likes playing the punching bag, a role he’s also written for himself on the Peacock series he created, Intelligence, he had this to say:

“I quite like being the supporting guy rather than the main guy or the leading guy. I think Nate is coming into his own, and in season two, he’s got off to a prickly start. He doesn’t know where he fits now he’s been promoted. He’s still the same guy, still the same insecurities, the same demons. He’s finding his feet. I can’t give anything away, but get ready for Nate to start trying to take the lead. Whether he’s successful in that is yet to be seen.”

Listen to the entire conversation with this delightful Emmy nominee below:


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Written by Abe Friedtanzer

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