‘Loki’ Episode Three Recap: “Lamentis”

*Warning: This piece contains spoilers for episode three of Loki*

Questions answered! Questions unanswered! Antics! Action! Cliffhangers! The third episode, and mid-season point, of Loki delivers on many fronts, creating quite the captivating adventure.

We begin where episode two left us: with Loki and our female-variant-Loki (Sophia Di Martino), who we learn calls herself Sylvie, escaping the clutches of the TVA. The pair lands on another apocalypse. This apocalypse of course being the 2077 destruction of the moon Lamentis-1 by a neighboring planet slowly crashing into it. The TemPad they used to teleport here is in dire need of a charge, so Loki and Sylvie attempt to find a place to charge it, bickering (yet bonding) along the way.

They decide to charge it on the ark escaping the moon, but they need a way to get there. No fear! Locomotive travel is here! Loki dresses up as a security guard with Sylvie as his prisoner to lie his way onto the train, which is surprisingly effective. They hop aboard the train with all the other wealthy evacuees, because we all know that in an apocalyptic escape we the middle class will remain left behind.

Once aboard the train, Loki eventually gets drunk, sheds his disguise, and leads the ensemble in a merry bar tune. The train guards are alerted to Loki and Sylvie’s intrusion on the train, resulting in a fight. This fight ends with both Sylvie and Loki being thrown out of a train window. Upon landing, the TemPad breaks. The duo decides to try to approach the ark on foot.

Time is limited however. Both parties know that the ark doesn’t make it off the moon and that everybody dies, so they resolve to hijack the ark and get the people to safety (and to save their own necks). As they approach the ark, the crashing planet draws nearer, throwing debris and rock all around the ark. As Loki and Sylvie fight past guards and avoid being crushed by planet chunks, the ark is absolutely mashed by a large piece of planet, stranding our heroes. Will they make it?


We learn a lot about our newfound antihero Sylvie in this episode. We learn that she, unlike Loki, was made aware she was adopted from a young age. We learn that she has been trying to execute her big plan for years now, but we’re still not fully made aware of the details of her grand scheme. This week’s biggest reveal, however, is that despite what Loki has been told by Mobius, the TVA workers are all variants rather than beings made by the Time-Keepers. Talk about a big fat lie, Owen Wilson. Overall, this episode was very fun, very revealing, and very suspenseful. Will our heroes survive? Will we discover the full scope of Sylvie’s plan? Will we uncover more lies? See more of Miss Minutes? We’ll find out on next week’s episode of Loki.

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Written by Miles Foster

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