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Interview: Kenan Thompson Talks Sitcoms, Sports, and ‘Kenan’

I’ve loved Kenan Thompson for decades. Literally. Some of my fondest memories with my grandfather (as well as my sister, but she’s alive) include watching All That. Chief among those pleasures were Thompson’s performances, something that progressed from there to Kenan and Kel, as well as the movie Good Burger, before settling on Saturday Night Live. Now, Thompson fronts his own sitcom with Kenan, showcasing just how much of a comedy yeoman he is. On the surface, he appears like a tireless performer who never sleeps. Once you listen to our conversation, you’ll know that it’s hardly the case. Thompson was generous enough to spend some time chatting with me, and the discussion was a delightful one.

Below, you can hear my interview with Thompson. We’re talking in support of his sitcom Kenan, but that was hardly the only subject that came up. We talk sitcoms in general, sports, and even talk about Bill Murray for a bit. It’s the kind of wide-ranging chat that I’m always thrilled to be able to take part in. Thompson is a very nice guy, one who’s easy to talk to, and that makes the back and forth even better. Hopefully you agree…

Here now is my conversation with Kenan Thompson, the star of the aptly title Kenan. Enjoy:

Kenan Thompson’s Kenan is out now on NBC!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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