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Elizabeth Banks set to bring back ‘The Flinstones’ with ‘Bedrock’

Elizabeth Banks is back at it again, reviving another classic television property for our current era. 

The Charlie’s Angels director is set to executive produce and star in Bedrock, an update on the beloved series The Flintstones. The new film will be an animated story set 20 years after the 1960s television series and focus on a grown-up version of Pebbles (Banks). 

Lindsay Kerns will be writing the script for the pilot of the series, which The Hollywood Reporter says will focus on a 20-something Pebbles starting her own career as her father, Fred, heads towards retirement. 

The series will be produced by Fox and Warner Bros. Animation, with it being targeted towards an adult audience. This may sound familiar to anyone who remembers Fox’s 2012 stab at reviving the property with Seth MacFarlane, which the network passed on after reading the scripts for. 

Banks and company are hoping that this time will do the trick to bring this beloved property back to audiences. 


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Written by Mitchell Beaupre

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