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New Trailer Drops For ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’

“We live in a society… “ 

The often meme’d quote has found a home, spoken over the title card of Zack Snyder’s Justice League in the new trailer for his recutting of the massive DCEU team-up film. 

Released in 2017, after Joss Whedon stepped in to finish the film for Snyder, the original cut of Justice League that played in theaters was met with disdain from critics (40% on Rotten Tomatoes), and disappointment from fans. With a huge $300 million budget, the film only managed to scrape up $657 million at the box office, a colossal disaster for a film that was clearly made with the intention of hitting the $1 billion mark. 

The disastrous response for Justice League essentially resulted in a complete overhaul of the DCEU, shifting away from the MCU model of connecting the universe with the occasional group movie, and instead being more about keeping everyone separate in solo adventures. Yet despite the franchise moving on, picking up success with individualistic films like Aquaman and Shazam!, the call from fans to see what Snyder’s version of Justice League raged on for years. 

Finally, these Snyder obsessives will get their fill, and the rest of the world will also (if they want) be able to see a gargantuan 4-hour version of Justice League, releasing on HBO Max on March 18th, 2021. 

The trailer gives us a taste of what we’ve been told to expect for Snyder’s version of the film. What do we know? Well, for starters, Snyder cut out everything that Whedon added to the film, which will alter quite a bit of it, particularly the presence of Superman (Henry Cavill). The action scenes have been completely redone, and while Snyder only shot 10 minutes of new footage during the much-discussed reshoots that took place last year, he also added back in several scenes that were removed from the theatrical version. 

This means that we’ll be seeing several characters who were intended to appear in Justice League that were cut out. Most prominently, this list of new appearances includes Darkseid (Ray Porter), essentially the Thanos of the DCEU, the Big Bad to end all Big Bads. We get a taste of the villain in the new trailer, along with our first look at Flash’s love interest Iris West, played by Kiersey Clemons

The new addition that has everyone talking, of course, is Jared Leto’s Joker, returning to the franchise after his much-maligned appearance in Suicide Squad. While the controversial actor has been scooping up accolades for his performance in The Little Things, Snyder has been doling out little teases of what we can expect for his take on arguably the most iconic comic book villain of all-time recently. The character has been redesigned from his look in Suicide Squad, and we get a taste of what we can expect from the character in the final moments of the new trailer. 

Watch the new trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and get settled in to stream the 4-hour cut on HBO Max on March 18th: 


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Written by Mitchell Beaupre

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