Director Fisher Stevens and Justin Timberlake behind the scenes in “Palmer,” now streaming on Apple TV+.
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Interview: Fisher Stevens Talks ‘Palmer’ and Directing

Though probably best known as an actor, Fisher Stevens has carved out a pretty nice career for himself as a filmmaker. Sure, you may recognize him first from the Short Circuit franchise, but his documentaries like Before the Flood, or his dramas like Stand Up Guys showcase his talents as well. Most recently, he was at the helm for Palmer, a moving drama and character study starring Justin Timberlake. Now that the movie is out on Apple TV+ for viewing, I took a few minutes to talk with Stevens about the film, directing, and plenty more. That conversation can be heard below.

Next, you can hear my chat with Stevens. We spend the majority of the time talking about Palmer, as you might expect. However, we don’t ignore his other work, with his documentaries especially getting center-stage. Plus, he’s fairly candid about his experiences making Stand Up Guys, which is always fascinating to listen to. He’s an honest man, enthusiastic yet realistic, and that makes for a very easy and easy to listen to conversation. Hopefully you agree, and of course, give Palmer a look as well…

Here now is my interview with Palmer director Fisher Stevens. Enjoy:

Palmer is now available to watch on Apple TV+!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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