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Interview: Aubrey Plaza Talks About Her Magnificent ‘Black Bear’ Performance

As we have seen for years in all sorts of films, Aubrey Plaza is an absolutely hilarious actress. She’s also underrated when it comes to just being an overall talented performer. Whether it’s in something like Ingrid Goes West or The To-Do List, or even most recently Happiest Season (review here), she brings the goods. Now, she has her finest work to date to put forward with Black Bear, which we reviewed (here) earlier this week. It’s an impressive performance, unlike anything you’ve seen from her before. So, if there was ever a time to speak with Plaza, it’s in the midst of a 2020 that’s, acting wise, been very kind to her.

Below, you can hear and see our interview with Aubrey Plaza. Black Bear was the focus, though I got on Zoom with her shortly after having seen both Black Bear and Happiest Season. So, to say the least, her range was on display, with those two films featuring some of her best work. We talk about her process a bit, which makes sense considering how amazing she is in this challenging movie, though we also just chat. The topics ran the gamut, including if/when our dogs would interrupt the Zoom (spoiler alert: one did). It’s a fun discussion, and it was a pleasure to speak with Plaza, so I hope you enjoy this as much as we did…

Here now is the video of our conversation with Plaza:

Aubrey and Joey

If you’re looking to keep it on the simple side, the audio is here as well:

Be sure to check out Aubrey Plaza in Black Bear, available to watch tomorrow!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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