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Awards Radar Podcast #6: Election Jitters, ‘Mank’ Talk, a Farewell to Sean Connery, and Video Games with Joey, Myles, and Steve

Welcome back to the Awards Radar Podcast. In each episode, Editor Joey Magidson (that’s me!) will be joined by some of the staff of Awards Radar to talk about the latest in film, television, and entertainment in general. The show will obviously have an awards season slant to it, but we won’t forget about other movies and shows, that’s for sure!

*Special Note: At the start of this episode there’s an extra introduction. The podcast was recorded initially on Sunday morning, but the extra intro is from yesterday evening. Obviously, the election has swung in wild directions, so the added bit at the top addresses it. The full episode follows.*

A half dozen episodes in, I was joined once again by Myles Hughes and Steve Prusakowski. We joke a bit about the election (which hasn’t aged too well), but then go off in a number of directions. There’s talk of David Fincher‘s Mank, before the review embargo lifts tomorrow. There’s a farewell to Sean Connery and James Bond talk. Plus, we talk video games, too. There truly is something for everyone here with this podcast…

Friends, enjoy the sixth episode of the Awards Radar Podcast and feel free to revisit the previous installments by clicking the Podcast tab on the top of the page! 


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  1. Filmaholic Face-offs:

    Happy Death Day OR Halloween (2018)
    Get Out OR Us
    The Visit OR Split
    Whiplash OR BlacKkKlansman
    Sinister OR Insidious

    For no reason whatsoever, what are some of the best instances of schadenfreude in film? i.e. Paul Reiser getting killed by xenomorphs in Aliens, or the Nazis getting their faces melted/exploded in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  2. Its funny, I was actually playing Star Wars Squadrons while listening to this episode. Trying my hardest to get all the trophies to 100% the game before every other major 2020 release seemingly comes out in the next month.

    Arkham City > Arkham Asylum > Spider-Man > Arkham Origins > Arkham Knight. 11 years later, Asylum is still the gold standard for building a threatening, scary atmosphere in games, meanwhile City improves on Asylum in every other conceivable category and probably makes my all time Top 10 for it.

    Also, much obliged for the Sean Connery and continued Borat impressions.

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