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Sunday Scaries: Ranking the Films of Eli Roth

The Sunday Scaries are upon us once again! Yes, as the weekend concludes, most of us feel an oncoming sense of anticipatory dread about the week ahead. Anxiety about work manifests itself into a feeling that’s known as the Sunday Scaries. However, we at Awards Radar are here to combat that, by taking back the name. Now, we want you think about a horror-centric piece on the site when you hear the term. So, let us continue on with another installment of the Awards Radar Sunday Scaries! Today, we’re taking a look at the works of a filmmaker who has a long brewing project finally in theaters this weekend…

To me, Eli Roth is an underrated filmmaker. Sure, he works within genre, and he tends not to do high art, but there’s a style and talent on display that’s impossible to deny. With his latest movie, Thanksgiving, finally hitting screens (as I said here and elsewhere, I still can’t believe it exists), it feels like the perfect time to rank the films that he’s made to date. So, take a gander below!

In my review of Thanksgiving, I had this here to say about Roth:

Filmmaker Eli Roth is having a great time expanding the fake trailer to feature length. His direction leans into the genre with full weight, while the script by Jeff Rendell (he and Roth share Story By credits as well) is never intentionally dumb. There are tropes that the flick follows, but it’s knowingly doing so and with a wink. Is the film high art? No. Is it very entertaining for horror fans who love gore? Absolutely.

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Here is how I would rank the films of Eli Roth, so far:

8. Death Wish

7. The House with a Clock in Its Walls

6. Cabin Fever

5. The Green Inferno

4. Hostel: Part II

3. Knock Knock

2. Hostel

1. Thanksgiving

Stay tuned for another Sunday Scaries installment next weekend!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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