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Interview: Chace Crawford Reveals What Lurks Beneath his Character The Deep on the Hit Show ‘The Boys’

What are the special ingredients that make a show like The Boys a smashing success? Is it the political satire? The drama of super heroes existing in the real world? The complex, dark characters that we feel a little guilty celebrating? Whatever the mix, the reason it goes down so easy is the humor. No other character on Amazon Prime’s hit show is as consistently funny as The Deep.

Played by Chace Crawford, The Deep’s character has been the writers’ punching bag for 3 seasons. He’s been #me-too’d, joined a cult, had sexual relations with marine life, and in season 3, was forced to devour his octopus best friend alive (justice for Timothy!). The ‘Verse! had the extreme pleasure to talk with Chace about his iconic role. (LISTEN TO IT BELOW)

If some moments with The Deep seem too real to be written, well that’s because the creator Eric Kripke and the crackerjack writing team encourage the actors to find those hilarious moments on set.Some very funny and memorable lines were improv-ed by the actors made it into the final cut.

Chace extrapolated on his approach to improv in a scene:

Chace: I would say for me, if it’s if it’s grounded in the character. A lot of actors sometimes think that they can improv and they just go off the book, but the rule is, Kripke wants you to extend him your ideas before the set, but if you get a couple like it’s written, then we’re covered and then you can do whatever you want. Usually I find those crazy moments, and I think Anthony [Starr] would agree that the crazy moments, a lot of those make it. And they want to keep those in there. One of the only lines I remember improving was was when the guy is showing me around my apartment in Sandusky, Ohio (when the Deep gets relegated at the end of season one) and he’s talking about Dairy Queen down the street or something, and I was like, ‘what they got like blizzards and stuff’ or something like that. I remember one of the producers emailed me ‘we keep seeing that line in editing and I laugh every time’. I would throw in random things like that. I’m not really someone who can think about it prior, I just kind of find it on the day. And a lot of it’s like, massaging moments with a one on one scene and just kind of finding your way in there.

After 3 seasons, each character has a rich and dramatic history with each other. What team-ups or scenes would Chace like to see happen next season? 

Chace: Me and Jack [Quaid] talk about it all of the time. We think it’d be really funny if we just ran into each other on the subway or something. It can’t really happen, you know, but I just think a scene between me and me and Jack Quaid would be really amazing. We’re pretty secluded in our little camps. And especially in season two. I didn’t see anybody. That was the only bummer. I had a great storyline, but I wasn’t really on the main unit all the time. I just would see people on the weekends.

I always love working with Anthony. I mean, he’s one of my favorites just because I’ve worked with him probably the most and always try to make him laugh. You know, that’s kind of my goal and trying to try to get him to break which I usually do a couple times a year. But he’s just a lot of fun to work with. And he has he comes up with very strong ideas as well and likes to play and it’s just a great time 

Chace’s character Deep is not only a superhero, he’s also an accomplished memoir writer. Which was just a surprising to Chace as it was to the audience. 

Chace:Might have been Eric’s [Kripke] idea. Yeah, “Deeper”. There’s some funny stuff in there. They had me do like a full audiobook, in a fake podcast interview that I thought was gonna be like, 10 minutes. It was just the night before and I was like, ‘this is 60 pages’ and they’re like, ‘Yeah, we’re we’re gonna read the full audio book. It’s gonna take you hours’. I’m like, ‘Okay’. So anyway, yeah, we did. They really carried the joke pretty far. 

Does Chace see his character Deep as being underestimated?

Chace:I think his powers are underestimated. I think he also has low self esteem is sort of hard on himself and can’t really get past being the number two guy. If you could summon all the dolphins and the sharks? I mean, his turf is in the water. Right? I think if you really want to explore it, he’s a lot more powerful. We kind of forget that these guys are actually really strong as well. He can fight, there’s just not a lot of it. I thought that I was gonna have to be in the water doing all these stunts, and he’s in the therapists office just complaining, which is just as fun for me. You know, I don’t have to do all this stuff: rehearsal & training. But yeah, I think he’s a little bit underestimated. I do

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