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Interview: Julia Schlaepfer Talks Cowboy Camp and the Making of Alexandra in ‘1923’

The production of Taylor Sheridan’s 1923 imposes a huge scale with far-ranging locations and characters encountering the Dutton family legacy. One of these characters is Alexandra (Julia Schlaepfer) who meets Spencer Dutton (Brandon Sklenar) in Kenya with the two quickly forming a relationship. In conversation with Schlaepfer, she discusses the excitement and intimidation of entering this series with the physical challenges that came with the role.

Schlaepfer also details the experience of ‘cowboy camp’ and the trust and collaboration she has with Taylor Sheridan as well as her co-star Brandon Sklenar to bring their side of the season’s narrative traversing Africa to life.

I did all this character work before my screen test for Alexandra, and when I went in for my screen test, [Taylor] Sheridan said, ‘Throw it all away, I want you to bring as much of yourself to it. I want you to be you because you are Alexandra. That’s all I want.’ I did and then by the end of that screen test we were crying together.

Watch my full interview with Julia Schlaepfer below.


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Written by Danny Jarabek

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