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Interview: Filmmaker Scott Cooper on Making ‘The Pale Blue Eye’ and More

When you watch a Scott Cooper film, you’re watching work that has a decidedly throwback feel. In particular, the character studies of Crazy Heart, Hostiles, and Out of the Furnace are almost a generation out of time. That’s a compliment, too, as Cooper seems like a filmmaker that would have been right at home in the 1970’s. That’s the case as well with his new outing, The Pale Blue Eye. Yesterday, I shared my discussion with the movie’s star, Harry Melling (here). Today, it’s Cooper’s turn to chat.

Below, you can see my conversation with Cooper. We spent our time talking about how he makes old-fashioned flicks that really no one else is making these days. The way cinema and what gets made was on both of our minds, as you’ll notice shortly. Once you check out The Pale Blue Eye, it’s likely you’ll be glad that Netflix gave him the opportunity to make this latest one…

This here is a bit from my review of The Pale Blue Eye:

There’s a clever misdirect in the very nature of The Pale Blue Eye. When you hear about a period murder mystery, one featuring Edgar Allen Poe, you imagine something brooding and dark. Well, the film doesn’t shy away from darkness or the macabre, even getting a bit gnarly at times, but Poe? He’s not that aspect. In making the procedural a bit of a Poe original story as well, we get to see what he was like in his early days. It lends a bit extra to what otherwise is a good whodunit, but with this element, it becomes more than a bit more memorable.

The Pale Blue Eye is not trying to reinvent the wheel, but it is seeking to be the sort of cinema grownups used to be very attracted to. By nature of what tends to be consumed these days, that makes it almost a novelty, but it’s very much a throwback. Filled to the brim with atmosphere, it also looks great, hooking you in with its time and place in short order.


Here now is my interview with The Pale Blue Eye filmmaker Scott Cooper. Enjoy:

The Pale Blue Eye is in theaters now and hits Netflix on January 6th!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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