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Awards Radar Community: What Are Your Christmas Eve Plans?

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas

Well, depending on when you read this, it may not quite be the night before, but it’s Christmas Eve. It’s also one of the final nights of Hanukkah (or, it may just be a very cold Saturday for you). Whatever you are or aren’t celebrating, today is a pretty big holiday, so it seemed only appropriate to tailor an Awards Radar Community Question around it. In short…what are your Christmas Eve plans?

Do you have any movie related traditions on this day? If so, we’re obviously curious to hear about it. Personally, I’ve never really done anything for a Christmas or a Christmas Eve (I’m technically jewish but don’t do religion, so the holidays don’t really mean a ton these days), though last year I actually was going to celebrate with my ex, who loved the whole season, before she got COVID. Regardless, I’m keen to know what you’re up to. Is it a movie like The Night Before or The Nightmare Before Christmas? Maybe it’s just a big dinner with family? Whatever it is, feel feee to chime in.

Folks, let us know how you’re spending the day, and of course, make sure you’re safe. Have fun, but don’t be dumb. That goes without saying, but whenever a holiday should hold joy but could easily turn to tragedy, I like to mention it. So, have a blast, stay safe, and hopefully you get to see a good movie in the process…

What are you doing for Christmas Eve? Let us know and be sure to have fun!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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