Interview: Michael Mosley on Being Part of ‘The Calling’ and Other Great TV Memories

The Calling, a new drama series from Peacock, is based on Dror A. Mishani’s the book The Missing File, transplanting its main character, Detective Avraham Avraham, from Israel to the United States, and more specifically, New York City. But this isn’t just another version of Law & Order; it’s a show that touches on its lead detective’s very unusual approach to his work, fueled by his deep spirituality and a host of contradictions.

Awards Radar had the chance to speak with Michael Mosley about his portrayal of Detective Earl Malzone. It wasn’t hard for Mosley to identify what so attracted him to the project:

“When you have the words David Kelley and Barry Levinson at the top, that’s a pretty good start. And the idea of shooting a cop drama in New York, in Brooklyn in the summer, sounded fun to me. And then when I read the book, which is the source material of the show, called The Missing File, I was fascinated by the book. This character, Avraham Avraham, I couldn’t wrap my head around him, and I was like, who’s playing that part? And they were like, Jeff Wilbusch is playing that part. Is that the guy that played the creep from Unorthodox, one of the best villains I’ve ever seen in my life? And so I was just sold. This is going to be so much fun.”

In addition to discussing other shows like Ozark and Scrubs that have been highlights of his career, Mosley commented on the show’s simultaneous premiere of the entire season and his own TV watching habits:

“I was talking to my people and I was like, is this coming out a la carte, or is it coming out in one drop? They said it was all coming out at once, which I think is fun. It will be interesting to see if people chew this thing up in a week or two, that will be a good sign. I think it’s fun, this time in TV. When we were doing broadcast television, we had to run to the TV, and now that television is streaming, the TV has to come to us. People want to watch four episodes of something with their partner in bed eating Chinese food. They don’t want to wait until Tuesday at 8:30. People love to just gobble this stuff up now.”

Watch the full conversations below:

All eight episodes of The Calling premiere Thursday, November 10th on Peacock.


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Written by Abe Friedtanzer

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