Interview: Anthony Carrigan on Playing the Lovable Noho Hank, That Accent, and All Things ‘Barry’

Is there a more endearing character on television these days than Chechen mobster Noho Hank on HBO’s Barry? Honored with his second Emmy nomination, Anthony Carrigan brings such a warmth to the man who’s polite enough not to interrupt someone when he sees him assembling a knockout dart and is just generally a nice guy, despite the business he’s in.

Awards Radar had the chance to speak with Carrigan about what he likes most about Hank and getting to be part of the show. Asked if any Chechen fans of Barry have given him feedback on his accent, Carrigan replied:

“Listen, fingers crossed that I’m not going to encounter anyone, especially in any mob scenario, who’s unimpressed. So far, the response has been really wonderful, just to see someone from that part of the world that’s just upbeat, cheery, really super happy as opposed to dour and really serious. I’ve gotten some people who have been appreciative in that regard. The outpouring from fans has just been ridiculous. It’s been so cool.”

On getting to work with Tom Allen, who plays beignet-cashier-turned-guru Mitch in the legendary episode “710N,” Carrigan shared:

“Beignets by Mitch, what an incredible character. That guy was so good. It’s this kind of amazing thing. When you actually rewatch it and look at it, you’re like, oh wow, he had the best advice. If everyone had followed Mitch’s advice, his monotone, stoned-out-of-his-mind advice, all these characters would probably have been in a much better position. I remember specifically not even being able to get through the first take because he was so funny.”

Watch the full conversation below:

The first three seasons of Barry are streaming on HBO Max.


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Written by Abe Friedtanzer

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