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Awards Radar is Going to Telluride and (Back to) Toronto!

You read that correctly, folks. We’re just about a month out from the start of the film festivals that always signal the end of the summer and the start of fall, which is when awards season begins to kick into gear. Known as the fall festival season, it’s when pundits like myself decamp for various parts of the globe to see movies of all shapes and sizes with Oscar ambitions. This year proves no exception, with the added bonus (to the site and to this whole endeavor, if not to my wallet) that I’m going to be hitting multiple fests in 2022, including my first ever trip to the Telluride Film Festival. It’s going to be a whirlwind, that’s for sure.

Not only am I going to Telluride for the first time and back to TIFF for a second experience (probably more of a traditional one after last year’s pretty unique one), I’ll also be back at the New York Film Festival for something like the tenth year running. That’s the majors, but don’t forget about Film Fest 919, either, which I’ll be attending for the third time. So, while you won’t have any on the ground coverage of the Venice Film Festival, basically everything else will have our presence.

Look for all of my NYFF, Telluride, and TIFF coverage in September and October. From the mountains of Colorado to Toronto, Awards Radar has got your festival needs handled! It’s going to be something, that’s for sure…

Stay tuned for all of Awards Radar’s fall film festival coverage!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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