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Interview: ‘Impractical Jokers’ Co-Star Sal Vulcano Chats About Making the Hit Show

Nothing delights me on television like Impractical Jokers. The comedy on display just never fails to make me laugh and smile. To that end, the show serves a real essential purpose. One of the fan favorites of the show is Sal Vulcano, who has made a connection with the audience in a really special way. So, while I was seeking to speak to the Jokers about the upcoming season premiere, Vulcano was someone I knew I wanted to sit down with, especially after having briefly met him at the Trainwreck premiere years ago. I wrote about the importance of the show here, but now, I present my conversation with Vulvano to you all. As you might expect, it’s a fun one.

Below, you can see my chat with Vulcano. We talk about the show, but in a way that he even says no one has really asked about. As much as their performances in front of the camera are terrific, I was curious to find out about the writing process, especially as the show has evolved. He’s a good dude, with a lot of interesting things to say, so with the show returning to TruTV on Thursday, now is a perfect time to watch our conversation…

This is some of what I recently had to say about Impractical Jokers and its unique importance in the aforementioned article:

For anyone who doesn’t know, Impractical Jokers is the hit TruTV series that mixes hidden camera and joke show formats for something a bit unique and very funny. Lifelong friends from Staten Island, James Murray, Brian “Q” Quinn, and Sal Vulcano, compete to embarrass each other, with the almost arbitrary loser of each episode punished in some way. It’s very simple, but boy does it work. Defying easy description, it just sets out to entertain, through the friendship and comedic skills of the guys, as well as the simplicity of the premise and often insanity that it allows for. It even led to Impractical Jokers: The Movie, a really funny film that mixed narrative elements with elevated show segments to form something great. It was a hit, though coming right before the COVID lockdowns kept it from being as big a smash as it otherwise would have been.

Up until this season, it has been a foursome, though Joe Gatto’s departure to spend more time with his family has led to a slightly different format this time around. The preview episode for this impending new season showcases how similar much of it is, but how the swerve has allowed Murray, Quinn, and Vulcano to experiment in new ways. Much like the Impractical Jokers spinoff shows have done so (which I loved), with Dinner Party being a real standout, this is still what you love, just ever so slightly tinkered with.

So, why are they so important? Nothing does a better job to distract you from the pain and realities of the world. For a half hour, these guys, who are real friends, allow you to smile and laugh at their antics, just like real friends do. They’re always laughing with each other, as opposed to at each other, so it’s never mean-spirited, either. It’s pure in that way. They take the unique personality traits that make Murr, Q, and Sal the people they are and utilize them for comedy. Truly, it’s much like what you would do, hanging out with friends, just minus the competition element.


Here now is my interview with Impractical Jokers co-star Sal Vulcano. Enjoy:

Impractical Jokers returns with a new season on TruTV this Thursday at 10pm!


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20 days ago

I absolutely love Impractical Jokers. Every time I watch I laugh so hard it is unbelievable how they can keep coming up with new material. Can not wait for the new Season to start this Thursday! Definitely watching from Michigan!



Written by Joey Magidson

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