‘Moon Knight’ Episode Six Recap: “Gods and Monsters”

*Warning: This piece contains spoilers for episode six of Moon Knight*

Mysteries solved, new mysteries unveiled, and action packed fun bring Moon Knight season one to a close in this epic finale. 

The episode begins with Layla (May Calamawy) mourning the death of Marc Spector/Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac). To learn more information on how to defeat Harrow (Ethan Hawke), she disguises herself as one of his followers. While Harrow goes out to judge more people for Ammit, Taweret (voiced by Amanda Salib) sends a message through to Layla using one of the nearby corpses. Taweret tells Layla that if she wants to defeat Harrow and Ammit, as well as revive Spector/Grant, she must free Khonshu (voiced by F. Murray Abraham).

Harrow slaughters all of the other gods’ avatars and releases Ammit (voiced by Saba Mubarak), meanwhile Layla frees Khonshu from his ushabti. Khonshu attempts to recruit Layla to become his new avatar, but she refuses and sets off to find a way to defeat Ammit on her own. Khonshu confronts Ammit alone, but he’s overpowered with a lack of assistance.

Not content in the Field of Reeds, Marc returns to the Duat to help free Steven. He does so successfully and Taweret opens the Gates of Osiris and allows the two to return to life to their shared body. Once back to life, they reunite with Khonshu, who heals their body and returns their powers to them. Simultaneously, Layla learns Ammit can be defeated if multiple avatars trap her within the mortal body of an avatar. Layla agrees to become the temporary avatar of Taweret.

Harrow and his followers go into the city to begin Ammit’s judgment. Marc/Steven, Layla, and Khonshu follow suit and they all begin to fight. Harrow nearly kills Marc/Steven and pins Layla against a wreck car–simultaneously Ammit pins down Khonshu–until Marc/Steven blacks out and both wake to find Harrow defeated, with neither remembering how it happened.

They manage to bind Ammit into Harrow’s body, but Marc refuses to kill him for Khonshu and requests to be set free. Marc/Steven awaken back into the “asylum” with Dr. Harrow, but both choose not to stay in this reality and begin their lives together. The end.

Well, not quite yet.

In a mid-credits scene, Harrow is wheeled out of a psychiatric hospital by a mystery man whose face is obscured. He’s placed in the back of a limo where he’s greeted by Khonshu, who reveals that he never wanted Layla to be his avatar and that Marc was more troubled than he truly thought. He introduces his friend in the driver’s seat, Jake Lockley, who is revealed to be another personality of Marc’s. Jake kills Harrow, and drives away.

The season finale of Moon Knight brought the show to a fitting conclusion. Throughout the season’s run there was no shortage of thrills, ancient Egyptian lore, and a lot of mysteries that waited to be resolved. Now that the season is over, and left on a cliffhanger, there’s nothing more left but the wonder where Marc’s/Steven’s/Jake’s future lies in the MCU and eagerly await their return.

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Written by Miles Foster

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