‘Moon Knight’ Episode Four Recap: “The Tomb”

*Warning: This piece contains spoilers for episode four of Moon Knight*

With one of the wildest entries in the series so far, episode four of Moon Knight definitely delivers on fun, and gives us new mysteries.

The episode begins with Layla (May Calamawy) fending off Harrow’s (Ethan Hawke) men as Steven Grant/Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) wakes up from being unconscious from Khonshu’s (voiced by F. Murray Abraham) capture.

Layla and Steven drive on towards the site of Ammit’s tomb. In the mirror reflection, Marc demands Steven let him take over the body, but Steven doesn’t allow him to. Steven says to Layla that Marc promised him once Khonshu was out of the picture, Marc would leave for good, which upsets Layla.

Layla and Steven arrive at the seemingly abandoned dig site around the tomb of Ammit. As they gear up to enter, Layla remarks how he smells like Marc and leans in to kiss him. However, just before, Steven tells Layla that the reason Marc has been pushing her away is to keep her from being Khonshu’s next host. Layla tells Steven that she can protect himself, and also that at least she can trust Steven to be honest. Steven then leans in and the two kiss. Layla enters the tomb with ease, whereas Marc temporarily takes over the body from Steven out of anger, and punches him for kissing Layla. Steven falls into the tomb, but is alright.

Upon entering, Steven deduces that the tomb is a maze in the shape of the Eye of Horus. Steven and Layla press further into the tomb. They are separated when undead Egyptian priests begin to attack, having already attacked and killed some of Harrow’s men, seen strewn about that tomb. Upon narrowly escaping with her life from an undead priest, Layla is confronted by Harrow, who reveals to her that Marc knows more than he’d care to let on about her father’s death. She angrily flees the scene.

Marc finds the sarcophagus and deduces that Ammit’s former host was Alexander the Great. He opens the sarcophagus, but is then angrily confronted by Layla who wishes to confront Marc about her father’s death. Steven allows Marc to take over. Marc reveals to a distraught Layla that his partner is the one who killed her father; Marc also states that his partner left him for dead as well, but he of course survived. Layla deduces that Marc only met her out of guilt for killing her father.

During this conversation, Harrow and some armed guards approach Marc and Layla, with Harrow still trying to convince Marc to join Ammit’s cause. Marc takes out two of the guards before Harrow himself shoots Marc twice in the chest, saying he can’t help someone who can’t help themselves. Then we cut to black. The End.

Just kidding.

We’re then shown a clip from a shoddy jungle movie being watched. We cut away from that to see that we’re now in a psychiatric hospital. Marc comes too and witnesses his surroundings. He’s surrounded by familiar objects and people, including Layla as one of the nurses. He is taken to an appointment with a therapist, who is revealed to be Harrow. Marc escapes from therapist Harrow to another room where he finds Steven (still played by Oscar Isaac but in a body of his own this time) trying to escape a sarcophagus. Marc frees Steven and they both attempt to escape. They’re greeted a few rooms down by the goddess Taweret, portrayed as a hippopotamus (voiced by Antonia Salib) and the episode ends.

Episode four of Moon Knight, started off as just another action-packed, fun episode until the final 15 minutes, where we the audience are treated to an all new mystery to solve. How did Marc and Steven become two? How did they end up in this hospital? What is this hospital? Hopefully we may find the answers to our questions in the final two coming episodes of the show.

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Written by Miles Foster

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