Interview: ‘Lightyear’ Director and Producer Chat About Pixar’s Latest Work of Art

For those of you who don’t know, Pixar is my favorite studio. Animation is my favorite medium, and the film that pretty much started my love of film happened to be Toy Story. Oh, I also happen to be the exact same age as Andy. So when I say that I’ve been waiting my entire life for this movie, I’m not exaggerating.

I had the immense honor to chat with the director, Angus MacLane, and Producer, Galyn Susan, about the film that started it all, ‘Lightyear’.

One of the things I was incredibly interested in was the question Angus had asked in a presser, “You can’t live in the past, but what if you could?” What does that mean in the film? Why is that something that we, as an audience need to pay attention to? We talk about that, and many other things. It was a wonderful discussion with two brilliant artists, and I hope you enjoy!

Side bar, you’re going to lose your minds over this movie. Top tier Pixar. Top tier animation. Top tier film making. Dare I say, a masterpiece.

Behind the scenes looks at ‘Lightyear’ In Production


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Written by Max Joseph

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