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Oscar Voting Ended Yesterday…And Now We Wait

Yesterday, voting for the 94th Academy Awards came to a close. In some ways, it’s the most exciting time in the Oscar season, since technically the answers are here. At the same time, it’s tense because it’s simply a waiting game. We can poll Academy members as much as we want (I do it a bit but find it mostly silly so don’t go overboard), but the only thing left to do is wonder. Sunday night is only a few days away, after all. When the bell range last night, I marked the occasion here, along with what the Awards Radar plan for the week was. Now, I just want to sort of prep you all for my final predictions, which are coming later on in the week.

As the title suggests, now we just have to wait. When the podcast drops tomorrow, you’ll hear where my head is at, predictions-wise, before they’re finalized on Friday. Will it be CODA or The Power of the Dog for Best Picture? Yes, before the weekend is out, we’ll know if the power of the underdog (see what I did there?) is enough to rule the day, or if Netflix finally gets their Oscar coda? It’s one of the closest races in memory, so just remember that, especially if you’re a hardcore fan of one film or another. Regardless of if your movie wins or not, remember that it’s an honor just to be nominated. More to come as the week progresses…

Sit tight for the Oscar ceremony on Sunday!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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