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Interview: Halle Berry Discusses Her Passion Project ‘Bruised’


Halle Berry is not just an Oscar-winning actress. Of course, she won her Academy Award for a stunning performance in Monster’s Ball, but to others, she’s Storm in the X-Men franchise. Now, however, she’s put her stamp on directing as well. Bruised, which hit Netflix in the fall, sees her producing and directing, as well as taking a lead role in the MMA drama. As she contends for Oscars in multiple categories, she took a few minutes to hop on the phone with me earlier in the week for a Bruised chat. Unsurprisingly, she was lovely. Now, I present our back and forth to you fine folks.

Below, you can hear my conversation with Berry. The Academy Award winner and I hooked up to discuss Bruised, not just her directorial debut, but one of her best performances to date. As mentioned above, her passion is clear to see in the movie, not just for the subject matter, but for proving her mettle as a filmmaker. The results are clear to see, making me eager to see what she does behind the camera next. You’ll hear us talk about how she came to direct the project, what prepared her for all of her responsibilities on the flick, and much more. Bruised is currently streaming on Netflix and available to watch right now, so check it out before or after listening to Berry and I…

Here now is my interview with Bruised director and star Halle Berry. Enjoy:

Bruised is available to stream right now on Netflix!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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