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Awards Radar Community: Happy New Year! Kick Off 2022 By Telling Us Your Favorite Films of 2021

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Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2022! Fingers crossed all of you had fun and kept things safe last night, whether you were at home or out and about celebrating. Obviously, 2021 was another kick between the legs, piggybacking off of 2020. Maybe 2022 will be better? Anything is possible, right? At the moment, we’ve yet to be disappointed, so at least there’s that. Hoping to hang on to those good vibes, I wanted this weekend’s Awards Radar Community question to be about last year. So, we’re asking about your favorite films of 2021. What did you love last year, movie wise? We want to know!

I spent much of the week running down my favorites. I began by asking everyone for and listing my favorite scenes of the year. Next was my three part Awards Radar Awards series. Part One hit on the best performances of the year. Part Two hit on my Top Ten list. Finally, we wrapped up with more awards in Part Three, as well as a podcast discussing it all. That’s my story. Now, it’s time for yours…

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Your own choices are likely to be very different. Maybe it’s led by a festival favorite like Belfast, CODA, or The Power of the Dog? Perhaps it’s international fare like Drive My Car, Titane, or The Worst Person in the World? It could also be something big like Dune or Spider-Man: No Way Home? There are tons of permutations here, making for tons of different lists. Hopefully many of you have them ready to go, since we’re asking.

Have at it now, folks. Let us know your favorite films of 2021 as we kick off 2022. We’re all eyes and ears, so bring them our way, while of course, having a safe start to the new year…


What are your favorite movies of the year? Let us know!


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1 year ago

My current (and far from finished) Top 10, alphabetically, is:
The Green Knight
Nightmare Alley
Petite Maman
The Power of the Dog
Shiva Baby

Michael R
Michael R
1 year ago

My favorite film of the year is The Power of the Dog.i also loved Passing, Tick…Tick…BOOM, The Tragedy of Macbeth, Nightmare Alley, and West Side Story.



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