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Star Trek Boldly Goes With a New Captain and a New Target Audience

NEW YORK, NY Star Trek is everywhere as of late and no more so than at this week’s New York Comic Con.  This week Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, blasted off in space as a crew member of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket. A real life space mission that had him “terrified” but left him grateful of the “profound experience” upon his return to earth.

Just days before Shatner’s historic mission, two packed NYCC panels had Star Trek fans cheering for some other noteworthy franchise news – a new captain and a new series targeting a previously untapped audience, children. The screening of the new animated Star Trek: Prodigy, served as the world premiere of the series. Not only was it the first time the fans were seeing it, but also the cast. On hand were stars Rylee Alazraqui as Rok-Tahk, Brett Gray as Dal, and Dee Bradley Baker as Murf.

Although for kids, Prodigy will certainly satisfy Trekkies of all ages. The episode screened was intense, funny and full of Star Trek wonder. The audience ate up the tale of a ragtag group of outcasts in the Delta Quadrant who find an abandoned Starfleet ship. Also on hand was a familiar  voice and face –  Kate Mulgrew. She will be a major character in the series, reprising her popular Captain Janeway, but this time in hologram form, providing assistance to the young crew.

Photo credit: Steven Prusakowski // @filmsnork

Mulgrew started the panel with a complaint, “I traveled 75,000 light years to be here because the Hageman brothers promised me more than a passing glimpse of a younger, animated Captain Kathryn Janeway. I feel they failed in that respect. Do you agree? So, I decided to beam up something a little extra to satisfy my curiosity. Wanna join me? Roll it!”

Mulgrew, who was the the first to play a female captain in Star Trek history, was more serious as she explained why she wanted to return to the franchise. “We have overlooked a very important demographic. And that is the young people, children. Who in many ways are far more astute than their elders.” She continued, “So when Alex Kurtzman offered me this opportunity, I jumped at it. It is wonderful to reincarnate Janeway, and give it to the young and their vivid and marvelous imaginations.”

Kevin Hageman, who executive produced and penned the series, along with his brother Dan Hageman expressed the main goal of the series, “We wanted a bunch of new characters who knew nothing about Star Trek, just like our young audience. And slowly, as you saw at the very end of the pilot, they met Hologram Janeway, and with every episode they get closer and closer into the Trekverse – and we get to have so much, taking our time and introducing everything we love about Star Trek.”

Photo credit: Steven Prusakowski // @filmsnork

During the NYCC panel, the Hagemans also announced some additional cast members providing voice work for the series: Hamilton star Daveed Diggs as Commander Tysess, Jameela Jamil will voice Ensign Asencia, and Jason Alexander as Doctor Noum. In addition, Star Trek: Voyager alum Robert Beltran will return to the franchise as Captain Chakotay – a promotion since last time we saw him as a first officer on the series. Star Trek: Prodigy premieres on Paramount+ on October 28th.

Prodigy was not the only Star Trek series exciting fans at New York Comic Con. Discovery is returning soon for season four with a person in the Captain’s chair. Series star, Sonequa Martin-Green will now be addressed as Captain Michael Burnham, during the upcoming season. The panel also included series regulars – David Ajala, Blu del Barrio, Wilson Cruz, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman, and showrunner and executive producer Michelle Paradise.

Photo credit: Steven Prusakowski // @filmsnork

While the cast was very tight-lipped about many of season four’s details they did let fans know that it will revolve around a major threat unlike any they have encountered before. To defeat it, it will require Federationa and non-Federation to fight together for the sake of all their worlds’ existence.

Martin-Green promises an exciting season, “I think I can speak for everyone when I say, I don’t think any of us were expecting to have a threat this big so soon after jumping to this future.”

Photo credit: Steven Prusakowski // @filmsnork

The NYCC audience and the cast were treated to a first look at an action-packed season 4 trailer. Cast member, Wilson Cruz, loved it so much, he requested it immediately be played a second time. A request that no one in the audience was complaining about.  You can watch the new season trailer and key art, below. And look for season four of Star Trek: Discovery to premiere on November 18th, exclusively for Paramount+.

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