‘Blonde’ To Be Released as NC-17 Film

After a delay of the Marilyn Monroe biopic, Blonde, into 2020, it is being reported that Netflix is allowing director Andrew Dominik to see his vision for the film enter the world. Supposedly, Dominik will get his final cut of the movie released. The cut in question is said to be NC-17, at least in content.

The film experienced delays in the early fall when Netflix saw a cut of the film and pulled it from its premiere at Venice. The studio were shocked by the arthouse direction of the film as opposed to the expected formula seen often in biopics. That led to a move out of 2021 and its Oscar race, which had star Ana De Armas as an early Best Actress favorite.

No Time to Die and Knives Out star, De Armas is featured as Marilyn Monroe in a fictional depiction of the star’s life. There is no word on a potential release date for the film, but it is rumored to have been submitted to the 2022 Berlin Film Festival, so a fall or winter release wouldn’t be unexpected, even if earlier than that could be in play.

While no longer an assumed Oscar favorite, the film is sure to garner more attention as the marketing campaign begins. If things go well, the Academy could easily still go for it.

For Blonde updates and more awards season news, be sure to follow Awards Radar.

Source: World of Reel


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