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Join Awards Radar’s Joey Magidson Tonight for Q&A’s with Tim Blake Nelson!

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Earlier this week, our own editor in chief Joey Magidson published a tremendous interview with actor and filmmaker Tim Blake Nelson. The occasion was Nelson’s performance in the just released western Old Henry. However, it won’t be the only time they’re in conversation, as Joey is moderating Q&A sessions tonight after screenings of the film. If you want to check them out, the pair will be at the Quad Cinema after the 4:30 showtime of Old Henry and then will be at the Chelsea Cinepolis Cinemas after the 6:30 showtime. Two different opportunities to watch them in action!

As a reminder, here is a bit from his rave review:

No matter how much he’s praised, Tim Blake Nelson is still an underrated talent. Whenever there’s a chance to showcase him, Nelson makes the most of it. Old Henry, a rare leading role for him, is an excellent example of that. Not only is it a great vehicle for the talented actor, it gives him an incredibly juicy part to play. Watching him in Old Henry is a pleasure, one that extends to the film on the whole. A revisionist-type western, it manages to have a modern take on a very old genre, while still retaining its classic feel. Especially if you love Nelson or the genre, you’ll be delighted by this one.

Tim Blake Nelson commands the screen here. His lived in performance is truly something to behold. One of the best turns in his long and illustrious career, he makes Henry a bit of a puzzle, but always a compelling one. When we find out his past, it’s a delight, especially because it allows Nelson to shine even more. He truly aces this role. 

Be sure to catch Joey and Tim tonight!


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