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Interview: Jay Duplass Discusses ‘The Chair,’ ‘Not Going Quietly,’ and Filmmaking on an Indie Scale

For years, Jay Duplass, often alongside his brother Mark Duplass, has been a creative force. Whether it’s in the films they make together, or the television they shepherd, in addition to their acting roles, it’s always a delight to see them in action. For Jay, this past week has been a big one. In addition to his role in Netflix’s new series The Chair dropping on Friday, he’s also flying high on producing the Ady Barkan documentary Not Going Quietly, along with Mark. Recently, I hopped on Zoom with him for a bit to discuss both projects, the results of which I present to you today.

In my review of Not Going Quietly (here), I included Duplass in my rave, as you can see:

Ady Barkan is a better man than I am, as well as a pleasure to watch for 90 minutes. His sense of humor, as well as his determination to make a difference, is not just compelling, but downright inspiring. You get why people follow him, but more importantly, you understand why he’s putting himself through it all. The same goes for those around him, who provide some much needed support. Produced by Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass, showing amazing taste in documentary material, and directed by Nicholas BruckmanNot Going Quietly is impeccably made. They obviously know that Ady is a star, so the focus is on him. That being said, his son steals every moment he’s on screen, hamming it up and just being adorable. This actually showcases the stakes for Ady, so it’s not just cute, but a sound choice by Bruckman and company.

Below, you can hear my chat with Duplass. We talk a fair bit about Not Going Quietly, which leads nicely into how he and his brother are producing material you might not expect out of them. We also hit on The Chair, as well as some of his prior credits in front of and behind the camera. Jay was nice enough to answer questions about his solo stuff, as well as Duplass Brothers affairs, so I really did appreciate that. Mostly, it was just a good discussion, funny and also intellectual at the same time. I really enjoyed myself, and I obviously hope he did too, but mostly…I hope you all do next.


Here now is my interview with The Chair co-star and Not Going Quietly producer Jay Duplass. Enjoy:

The Chair can be seen on Netflix this weekend and Not Going Quietly is in theaters now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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