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Interview: Alan Tudyk Chats About ‘Resident Alien’ and So Much More!

People love Alan Tudyk. Whether it’s from his time on Firefly, voicing K-2S0 in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, or any number of other projects, he’s just an actor folks gravitate towards. That goes for his voice acting, too in Harley Quinn, just to cite one example. Recently, he’s been showcasing his acting and comedy chops on the SyFy show Resident Alien, where he stars in the titular role. As Emmy voting wraps up, I spoke to Tudyk for about a half hour, mostly about the show, but also his career as well. The discussion was a hell of a lot of fun, for both of us, I might be so bold as to say. Today, we present that talk to you all…

Below, you can hear my chat with Tudyk. We actually start up after having shot the breeze for a few minutes, talking about Springsteen on Broadway, among other things. Then, we get to Resident Alien, his sci-fi career, and much more. It’s a really enjoyable conversation, one that admittedly goes off the rails a bit at the end. However, if you love the silliness of the Awards Radar Podcast, Tudyk shows he would fit right in. So, the end segment is very funny, but also very silly. That being said, it takes nothing away from the strength of the work here. If anything, it shows what a cool dude he is, so there’s that.

Here now is my interview with Resident Alien star Alan Tudyk. Enjoy:

Alan Tudyk can currently be seen in Resident Alien on SyFy!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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