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Interview: Joel Kinnaman on ‘In Treatment’ and the Enjoyment He Gets From Acting

You may think of actor Joel Kinnaman as just an action hero, but that shortchanges the man a great deal. Sure, he’s been in RoboCop and Suicide Squad, but he’s also been in the underrated comedy Lola Versus, for example. Plus, there’s layered work in films like Easy Money. Then, on television he was affecting in disparate shows like House of Cards and The Killing, to name a few. Kinnaman offers way more than just action chops. Even this year, you can see him in Emmy contention for a role in Season Three of In Treatment, as well as reprising his role in James Gunns‘ soft reboot, The Suicide Squad. In short, this is an actor with the talent to do just about anything. Moreover, I think the best is yet to come for him, too. Last week, he and I hopped on Zoom for a chat about both projects, as well as acting in general. We had a good time, and today, you get to hear the fruits of that talk.

Below, you can hear my conversation with Kinnaman. The focus is largely on In Treatment, but I made sure to mention The Suicide Squad as well, since I’m greatly looking forward to that one. Additionally, we just talked about his work in general, as he’s a very personable guy. We had a good laugh before the recording began, too, as he asked jokingly if he could do the interview in Swedish, so he would be more eloquent. Obviously, he does just fine here, though I did briefly consider the humor in having me interview someone and have no idea what their responses were. Maybe next time? In any event, I hope you like this discussion between Kinnaman and I. Personally, I think it’s a really interesting one…

Here now is my interview with Joel Kinnaman. Enjoy:

Joel Kinnaman can be seen currently in In Treatment, with The Suicide Squad coming this summer!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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