Video Interview: ‘Two of Us’ Director and Star Discuss the Not So Typical Romance

Awards Radar’s interview with Barbara Sukowa & Filippo Meneghetti

The new French drama, Two of Us, often feels like a story of young love with a couple of teenagers hiding their forbidden relationship from their parents. That may seem like an odd way to describe a film about a mature lesbian couple’s secret relationship, but it is actually kind of fitting. The film is about love and, while it may cliche to say, love has no barriers, especially age. By centering around two older women (the wonderful Barbara Sukowa & Martine Chevallier) the Two of Us not only subverts our expectations but also allows writer/director Filippo Meneghetti to tell a much richer story that touches upon themes that would not be possible in a more typical film. It is surprisingly beautiful, funny, touching, and heartbreaking.

The film is France’s entry for Best International Feature Film for the 93rd Academy Award and was just nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Golden Globes. And, something tells me that you have not heard the last of Two of Us this awards season. In addition, you will certainly be hearing more from this ambitious first-time director. Meneghetti’s keen sense of visual storytelling allows for to deeper experience that explores love, loss, family, and acceptance.

During our spoiler-free (yet very insightful) conversation with Meneghetti and the film’s star, Barbara Sukowa, we discuss the lengths people will go to for love, how the film is connecting with viewers, the use of symbolism and architectural metaphors, and much more. Be sure to watch our interview and catch Two of Us which is available in theaters and on-demand starting today. 


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