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Interview: Sienna Miller Details Just What Made ‘Wander Darkly’ Such a Special Project

Sienna Miller has been on the verge of true awards attention for a few years now. American Woman especially showcased her in a brand new way, while just recently Wander Darkly doubled down on how talented she is in independent dramas. Miller is at her best when a film like this makes strong use of her. Obviously, other movies have put her in more supporting roles, but wherever you see her, you know a good performance is coming your way. Wander Darkly is obviously no exception, so in support of the flick, we recently got on a Zoom call to chat about it. What follows is that video discussion.

Below, you can see my conversation with Miller. We had already had a casual back and forth for almost ten minutes before the recording started, so that actually provided a good bit of icebreaking, so the conversation flowed freely. Wander Darkly gets most of our attention, but her choices in general are focused on, as we try to pin down just what excites her in a project. She’s a very charming and easy to talk to actress, so this was an absolute pleasure. As mentioned in my review of the film (here), it’s well done and features some of her best work, to date. If that isn’t recommendation enough for the movie, what is/

You can see my interview with Sienna Miller below. Enjoy!

Wander Darkly is available to watch now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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