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‘Cherry’ Debuts a New Trailer

Tom Holland
 is a long way from Peter Parker in the trailer for his new film CherryComing off the heels of the biggest movie ever made (Avengers: Endgame), brothers Anthony and Joe Russo have reunited with their wall-crawling superhero for this story of an Army medic with PTSD who becomes addicted to opioids and starts robbing banks to fund his habit. 

It’s a big departure for both the directors and the young star, hoping to branch out into something more serious and certainly much darker than their time in the world of superheroes. This is the kind of “one for them, one for me” mentality that a lot of directors take when using the clout they gain from blockbusters to help make smaller passion projects. 

Adapted by Angela Russo-Otsot and Jessica Goldberg from a novel by Nico WalkerCherry is opening in theaters on February 26th, 2021, and on Apple TV+ two weeks later on March 12th. Alongside Holland the film stars Ciara BravoJack ReynorMichael Gandolfini, and Thomas Lennon

Reviews are still embargoed for the film, although buzz on the ground from those who have seen the picture has been fairly mixed so far, with our own Joey Magidson coming in on the more positive side of reactions.

 After Variety’s much publicized debacle with the film’s poster, this one seems like it was a bit cursed. However there’s still a chance for the movie to rebound with a better response once it hits the public. 

Check out the trailer for Cherry below and see the movie yourself when it releases in theaters on February 26th and on Apple TV+ on March 12th: 


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Written by Mitchell Beaupre

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