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Interview: Luke Greenfield Talks ‘The Girl Next Door’ and ‘Half Brothers’

A fun fact that not everyone (though more than you might think) knows about me: I love The Girl Next Door. It’s not just a guilty pleasure movie, but a film I legitimately adore. Featuring a huge heart, big laughs, and an absolutely amazing soundtrack, it’s an underrated gem. From the charming Emile Hirsch turn to the devilishly charming Timothy Olyphant supporting performance (plus one of the first times you’ll notice Paul Dano on screen), it’s a delight. There’s even a tiny role for a young Olivia Wilde, who told me in an interview years ago that the job was how she got her SAG. All of this is to say that I’ve been curious to speak to filmmaker Luke Greenfield for a very long time. With his latest flick Half Brothers out now, I finally got that opportunity, which I present to you today.

Below, you’ll find my conversation with Luke Greenfield. We definitely got into Half Brothers, which he directed (and is a very sweet comedy), but a lot of this discussion is looking back. Not just on The Girl Next Door, which he seemed genuinely touched that I loved so much, but also on how his career has fared since then. He’s a lovely guy, super enthusiastic, and easy to talk to, so this was one of the better chats I’ve had in some time. Even if you’re not as big on his films as I am (though, admittedly, I may be President of The Girl Next Door‘s fan club), it’s more than interesting enough a conversation to warrant your time. Give it a listen now…

Here’s my interview with Greenfield. Enjoy:

Luke Greenfield

Half Brothers is in theaters now and hits VOD this Friday!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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