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Gaze Upon ‘The Midnight Sky’ in the Final Trailer for George Clooney’s Netflix Film

THE MIDNIGHT SKY (2020) George Clooney as Dr Augustine Lofthouse.

Earlier this week, our own Joey Magidson saw and reviewed (here) George Clooney‘s new movie The Midnight Sky. Finding it to be one of his better directorial outings, Joey praised Clooney’s acting and filmmaking. As the film approaches a full on release, Netflix has dropped a final trailer for the science fiction epic.

Directed by and starring Clooney, Netflix’s The Midnight Sky centers around a lone scientist in the Arctic trying to regain contact with Aether, a manned spaceship returning from a mission to a potentially habitable planet, to warn them of the hazardous conditions on Earth.

This adventure film is Clooney’s seventh directorial effort, but his first take on the sci-fi genre. Featured here is a vastly talented cast led by Clooney, including the likes of Felicity Jones, David Oyelowo, and Kyle Chandler.

The Midnight Sky is now playing in select theaters and will arrive on Netflix on December 23.

Watch the final trailer for The Midnight Sky below:


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Written by Miles Foster

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