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Awards Radar’s Joey Magidson Talks Oscar Season during a Pandemic on ‘Unlimited Movie Conversations’

Our own Joey Magidson is today’s guest on Unlimited Movie Conversations, a podcast about movies by film critics Matt Robachek and Eric Marchen. They talk Awards Radar, awards season, and how streaming services are poised to dominate this year.

*Editor’s Note*: I had a great time hanging out on the podcast with Eric and Matt. It was a pleasure to promote the site, talk about this very unique Oscar season, and much more. I know Eric through the Critics Choice Association (and he was kind enough to have me on his TV show Cinema Seen recently), but was just meeting Matt. Still, I think we established a fun vibe, which comes off in the casual nature of the conversation. Enjoy the Unlimited Movie Conversations episode and stay tuned for us to return the favor at some point on an Awards Radar Podcast episode. After all, it’s only fair! Thanks again to Eric and Matt!

Click through and give it a listen here.


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Written by Abe Friedtanzer

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