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Awards Radar Podcast #4: Joey, Kendall, and Myles Play a Game with the ‘Saw’ Franchise

Welcome back to the Awards Radar Podcast. In each episode, Editor Joey Magidson (that’s me!) will be joined by some of the staff of Awards Radar to talk about the latest in film, television, and entertainment in general. The show will obviously have an awards season slant to it, but we won’t forget about other movies and shows, that’s for sure!

This time around, I was joined by Myles Hughes and Kendall Tinston to do a deep dive on the Saw franchise. Not only do we run down each of the installments in the series, we talk about the various traps, what we love about the iconic horror flicks, and what we laugh about. You even get some chatter about the video game, hopes for the upcoming Spiral: From the Book of Saw, and more. It’s a lot of fun, if we do say so ourselves. The three of us enjoyed ourselves immensely, so we hope you do too, especially if you’re a Saw fan. Indulgent? Perhaps a little. But, where else can you get yours truly doing an awful impression of John Kramer/The Jigsaw Killer? Exactly…

Enjoy the fourth episode of the Awards Radar Podcast and feel free to revisit the Saw franchise before, after, or during this podcast!


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3 years ago

I greatly enjoyed everyone’s response to the gummy bear question, so thank you for answering. Unfortunately, the gummy bear that got its head blown off was strawberry-flavored and had a family, so you should all feel ashamed of yourselves.

My ranking of the series would go 2 > 6 > 1 > 8 > 3 > 5 > 4 > 7, I was very pleasantly surprised by that Jigsaw impersonation, and the “Look at me when you’re killing me” moment from Saw VI is great, come on people.

Jon LeGrande
Jon LeGrande
3 years ago

Are people able to download the podcasts elsewhere. It doesn’t seem to be on iTunes yet, and I really wanna listen offline

Jon LeGrande
Jon LeGrande
3 years ago

It’s all good. I understand, I’ve been with awards circuit since the Oscar igloo, so I was sad to see the band breAk up, I’ve been listening to the new awards circuit podcast, and can’t wait to be able to listen to yours too and hear your opinions/input on movies/awards stuff!



Written by Joey Magidson

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