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Awards Radar Podcast #122: ‘The Last of Us’ Episode Three, A Sundance Recap, Plus More From Joey, Myles, and Steve!

Welcome back to the Awards Radar Podcast. In each episode, Editor Joey Magidson (that’s me!) will be joined by some of the staff of Awards Radar to talk about the latest in film, television, and entertainment in general. The show will obviously have an awards season slant to it, but we won’t forget about other movies and shows, that’s for sure!

For episode 122, I’m joined once again by my co-hosts, Myles Hughes and Steve Prusakowski. This one focuses on The Last of Us, and particularly the third episode, as well as my recap of the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, which ends up with us spending the most time talking about Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie (reviewed here). There’s also questions, as well as a brief discussion of the whole Andrea Riseborough situation. It’s a solid mix of topics, as always…

As always my friends and faithful listeners/readers, I do hope you all enjoy the latest episode of the Awards Radar Podcast, our 122nd one to date (here’s to at least 100 more). Of course, feel free to revisit the previous installments by clicking the Podcast tab (here) on the top of the page. Plus, listen to us on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Spotify, and other platforms. More to come each and every single week, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you for listening! 


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Written by Joey Magidson

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