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Interview: Will Forte Chats About How Wild It Is That ‘MacGruber’ Is Back

MacGruber, as Will Forte doesn’t shy away from saying, wasn’t a success when the film first came out. A niche item to begin with, the movie only found its fans later, apparently even including none other than Christopher Nolan. Despite that, Forte long harbored hopes of continuing the character’s adventures. Last year, that finally came to fruition with the MacGruber sequel show on Peacock. Well liked and supported by the network, it may well end up being the start of the true franchise for the property. Even if that’s not the case, Forte is immensely proud of the work, as he told me during a recent conversation. Today, that conversation comes your way…

Below, you can hear my chat with Forte. We were both exhausted during the discussion, so if it sounds like we’re going off on some tangents, that’s why. Plus, as you’ll hear, we’ve spoken before, as he’s actually one of the links to when I first encountered Bruce Dern. That’s just one of many fun little moments in this talk, most of which centers on MacGruber, obviously. Forte is honest, humble, and genuinely in love with his creation, which is one of the reasons why it’s become such a cult favorite. As the show competes for Emmy attention, be sure to check it out on Peacock if you haven’t done so already. It’s a riot.

Here now is my interview with MacGruber himself, Will Forte. Enjoy:

MacGruber can be seen on Peacock!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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