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Interview: William Jackson Harper on Connecting to Marcus in ‘Love Life’

Awards Radar had the chance to speak with Emmy-nominated actor William Jackson Harper last year about his powerful performance in Prime Video’s The Underground Railroad, a considerably different turn than the one that made him famous, Chidi Anagonye in NBC’s The Good Place. Now, he’s back in another comedy context as the lead in season two of HBO Max’s anthology series Love Life.

We picked up the conversation on Harper’s description of himself in our last interview, when season two of Love Life had yet to premiere, as a “lasers and tacos guy,” giving him the opportunity to expand on that assessment of his romantic inclinations:

“Yeah, still lasers and tacos kind of guy. Still 100% lasers and tacos guy. I think the thing about Love Life and this particular season is that it just dives into a flawed dude who still wants connection. Even though I am very much a lasers and tacos kind of guy, I still have a significant other and I crave those kinds of connections. Marcus is different from me in almost all respects, but I do understand a lot about him.”

Watch the full conversation below:

Love Life is available to stream on HBO Max.


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Written by Abe Friedtanzer

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