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Interview: Discussing the Magic of Editing with ‘The Power of the Dog’ Editor Peter Sciberras


Having now seen it three times over the past six months, it’s incredibly clear to see how expertly crafted The Power of the Dog is. Jane Campion‘s film has terrific work from top to bottom, with the editing certainly among it. To that end, editor Peter Sciberras deserves a ton of credit. While he may only have a handful of credits to his name over the years, the work more than speaks for itself. So, recently I was able to hop on Zoom for a decently sized chat with the cutter. We had a pretty good time, which you’ll be able to hear today.

This is some of what I had to say about The Power of the Dog in my review back at the Toronto International Film Festival:

Writer/director Jane Campion saw something in The Power of the Dog and really makes the material sing. This may well be her best work to date, give or take how you feel about The Piano. Her script is deft and never stops for you to catch up. Her direction is brilliant. The cinematography and score evoke a specific feeling that you need to see in order to understand. Some have compared this to There Will Be Blood, and it’s a very different film, but it’s a decent starting point for understanding the vibe.

Below, you can hear my chat with Sciberras. We talk all manner of The Power of the Dog, though I also really dug his work editing The Rover a few years back. It’s an informative discussion too, in addition to an entertaining one. If you’ve yet to see the film, you’re way overdue for it. However, if you were considering revisiting the movie, hopefully this will inspire you to do so…


Here now is my interview with The Power of the Dog editor Peter Sciberras. Enjoy:

The Power of the Dog is streaming on Netflix!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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