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Interview: Amy Schumer Chats About Hollywood, Opportunities, and ‘The Humans’

Nothing beats having a real conversation. In this business, you have a lot of friendly chats that are about nothing. Or, they’re pleasant, but feel at least somewhat phony. There can be a manufactured aspect to interviews, of course, since they’re serving a master, as opposed to being inherently organic. However, that’s not what happens when you talk to Amy Schumer. She’s as real as it gets. Having long admired her comedy, as well as having championed her acting and writing in Trainwreck, it was a thrill to get a call from her to talk about The Humans last week. Recently, I spoke to Beanie Feldstein about her work in the film (here) Now, it’s Schumer’s turn. It’s an absolute delight to share our discussion with you all today.

Below, you can hear my chat with Schumer. We talk about The Humans, sure, but this is also a much more general back and forth about her career. Frankly, it’s part of why she blew me away so much. The honesty and genuine thought she’s putting out into the world, it’s impossible not to root for her. Luckily, she’s also an amazingly talented actress, comedian, and writer, so she doesn’t exactly need my help. That being said, she seemed to appreciate the compliments all the same. This is a really interesting conversation, as well as a funny one, if I do say so myself. Give it a listen and then be sure to watch her in the movie, which showcases her more dramatic skills in a truly effective way. She’s great, plain and simple.


Here now is my interview with The Humans co-star Amy Schumer. Enjoy:

The Humans is out now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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