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First Look Trailer for ‘Jackass Forever ‘ Unveiled

After decades of death defying stunts and gross pranks, the Jackass crew is back for yet another installment, Jackass Forever.

Series stars like Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O return to the fray hosting new guests along the way. This effort to reinvigorate the project with new blood comes as the aging Jackass crew plots their retirement from the franchise.

Director Jeff Tremaine and Producer Spike Jonze are also back to deliver the same experience that the previous films provided.

The film focuses on a similar premise from the other films as cast members perform comedic and dangerous stunts.

Unfortunately fans of the documentary series won’t see the whole group returning to the possible final installment. Longtime cast member, Ryan Dunn, passed away following the release of Jackass 3. The studio dropped fan favorite cast member, Bam Margera, after a legal dispute during production.

Newcomers like Jasper Dolphin, Sean McInerney, Zach Holmes as well as other guests look to fill these voids.

Following a decades long absence, Paramount Pictures plans to release the new Jackass film on October 22, 2021.

The trailer for Jackass Forever is located below:


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