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‘The Tomorrow War 2’ in the Works, Chris Pratt and Others Set to Return

According to Deadline, Amazon, Skydance, and Paramount are currently in talks of making a sequel to the surprise streaming hit, The Tomorrow War. Director Chris McKay and writer Zach Dean are in talks to return for the sequel, along with many of the cast members for the original (which Joey positively reviewed here), including Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, Betty Gilpin, Sam Richardson, Edwin Hodge and J.K Simmons.

This comes as little surprise, due to The Tomorrow War’s record-setting release. Earlier this week, Chris Pratt posted a video on his personal Instagram celebrating its wide release and record-breaking reception. According to Samba TV, a third-party Streaming analytics company, The Tomorrow War was streaming in over 2.4 million US households during the long opening weekend of the film. This smashed the opening weekend record for an Amazon Original release, which was previously held by Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse, which dropped earlier this year and pulled in reportedly 2.3 million households across the USA. Additionally, Amazon stated in a press release earlier this afternoon that The Tomorrow War had broken streaming records for viewership in countries outside the United States.

This large release, and massive reception, have naturally led to a sequel, as well as Paramount’s desire to return to produce the sequel. As noted by Looper, Paramount had initially aimed to give The Tomorrow War a theatrical release in December 2020, however, due to the Pandemic, this was delayed to a July 2021 release. This delay, and the added concerns of whether people would step foot in a theatre post-pandemic, led Paramount to put it on a streaming service instead. Amazon acquired the rights to The Tomorrow War in early January this past year, for a whopping 200 Million, making it the most expensive film in Amazon’s collection of original films. However, with the reopening of theatres domestically, the success of blockbusters like F9, and the prospect of a release date long after the pandemic, Paramount seems to be interested in returning to produce the sequel.

This marks the second Skydance property to receive a sequel this summer, with the news of The Old Guard 2 revealed two weeks ago. However, unlike The Tomorrow War 2, Skydance’s involvement with the Netflix original has neither been rumoured nor confirmed.

The Tomorrow War had Chris Pratt in the leading role, and with his return to the sequel, Pratt has solidified his ability to lead any film franchise. While Pratt has led some of the largest blockbusters of the past decade, with Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, The Tomorrow War marks the first original IP franchise that Pratt has led.

When asked about The Tomorrow War 2, both Amazon and Skydance had no comment.


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Written by benjaminwiebe

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