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‘Dexter’ Season Nine Gets a Teaser Trailer

If you are one of the (very) many who were enraged by the series finale of Dexter’s 8-season run in 2013 you were either elated or infuriated by the announcement that the Showtime series would return for an all new season. 

On the one hand, some people felt like the series had long lost its way and there was no use in resurfacing this character after such a disastrous finale. On the other hand, a new season does offer an opportunity for those behind the series to wrap it up in a more satisfying fashion for all involved. 

Whatever your opinion may be, season 9 of Dexter is coming, and Showtime dropped the first teaser for the new season today. It’s a very brief tease, meaning we still know nothing of the plot, but it does give us one important bit of information: that beard is gone. 

Michael C. Hall returns in the titular role, supposedly the only returning cast member for the new series, which would mean this is a whole new story of Dexter trying to live his life away from Miami. The new members of the cast include Clancy Brown, rumored to be the season’s villain, as well as Johnny Sequoyah, Julia Jones, Alano Miller, Michael Cyril Creighton, Jack Alcott, David Magidoff, Jamie Chung, and Oscar Wahlberg

While allegedly no other cast members will return to join Hall, one other familiar face for the series is showrunner Clyde Phillips, who is back after previously being in charge of the series from season 2-4, which are almost unanimously considered the highpoint of the series. 

Is that an indication of this new season being a return to form? We’ll have to wait and see. Showtime hasn’t offered up any release date yet for season 9, but you can check out the new teaser below: 


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Written by Mitchell Beaupre

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