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Interview: Filmmaker Jesse Eisenberg and Star Finn Wolfhard Discuss Auditions and ‘When You Finish Saving the World’

About four years ago, I moderated a Q&A with Jesse Eisenberg for The Art of Self-Defense. It went really well and remains one of the more enjoyable Q&A events I’ve handled. So, when it came time to chat again with Eisenberg, this time for his directorial debut When You Finish Saving the World, I knew I was in for an interesting chat. Eisenberg was paired with his leading man, Finn Wolfhard, making for a really interesting three-way discussion.

This here is some of what I had to say about When You Finish Saving the World back at last year’s Sundance Film Festival:

Making his filmmaking debut, Jesse Eisenberg is content to rely on his witty script and simple shot compositions. It’s not hard to see how this originated as an audio project, as it’s incredibly verbose. One can look at this and see a bright future behind the camera if Eisenberg wants it. 


Below, you can see my conversation with Eisenberg and Wolfhard. The former remembered me, while the latter was just as pleased to be chatting. The film has such a specific vibe, it takes a particular actor to pull it off, much like the script could only have come from someone as curious about the world as Eisenberg. Together, they’ve made a movie that demands careful thought and consideration. When You Finish Saving the World is out now and well worth checking out…

Here now is my interview with When You Finish Saving the World filmmaker Jesse Eisenberg and star Finn Wolfhard. Enjoy:

When You Finish Saving the World is in theaters now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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