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Interview: Bob Peterson and Kim Collins discuss Pixar’s Hilarious ‘Up’ Sequel Short Series ‘Dug Days’ for Disney Plus

Almost twelve years on, Disney Pixar’s Up remains one of the most beloved animated films of our time. Nominated for an impressive five Oscars and winning two of them, the charm of its opening sequence as well as sentimental characters were the keys to success.

Among those beloved characters include Dug (voiced by Bob Peterson) and Carl (voiced by the late Ed Asner) who both return to our screens with Dug Days, a hilarious five-part shorts series which focuses on the old man and his best friend following the events of the acclaimed film.

Peterson was nominated for an Academy Award for his Up screenplay, and here he directs as well as returning to voice Dug. Each of the five episodes is around 8-10 minutes and tell their own, brilliant isolated story.

In particular, the variety of styles in each episode keeps it feeling fresh. The five episodes are titled ‘Squirrel,’ ‘Puppies,’ ‘Flowers,’ ‘Smell’ and ‘Science’ and are available to watch all at once. Peterson expertly brings Up’s heart and comedy to the shorts, as well as inventing brilliant new situations for Dug to find himself struggling in.

We were lucky enough to discuss Dug Days with Bob Peterson and producer Kim Collins, which you can watch below.


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Written by Bradley Weir

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